The ultimate in branding…

Companies could learn a thing or two from weddings. Recently I’ve been to two weddings. Both completely different in style and at opposite ends of the country. One had been meticulously planned for the last 18 months, the other, not last minute, but certainly a more relaxed affair. But what they both had in common was the consistency of everything. From the first invitation, to the brides dress, the grooms outfit, the table decorations, the… Read more »

The boy from Darjeeling

One of the things I love about overseas travel is the people you meet, and the stories they have to tell… Meet Sanjeev. Sanjeev lives in Darjeeling in West Bengal, India. For the last 10 years the 29 year old has been traveling to Goa in Southern India to work the tourist season, as the pay is much better than he can earn at home. Leaving his wife and 14 month old son with his parents, he… Read more »

Why are we surprised by good service?

On the way to Inverness airport at 4am a few weeks ago, a deer decided to jump onto my bonnet whilst I was traveling at 60mph. My little Renault Clio did what it was supposed to do and crumpled – we hardly felt the impact. I’m afraid the deer didn’t fair quite so well… Once safely parked at Inverness airport and we had examined the damage (complete with fur), we realised we’d have to claim on… Read more »

Did you send Christmas cards?

I know, it’s the 7th January, and I’m still going on about Christmas… But whilst slowly melting in 34 degree heat in Goa over Christmas and New Year, and lazing on my sun bed, I found myself thinking about Christmas cards… Did you send any? To friends and family maybe? But did you send any business Christmas cards? If not, why not? It’s a perfect excuse to get in touch with clients, to say hello,… Read more »

Typo Snowman comes to life!

Back in January, I thought it would be a great idea to make my own clockstudio Christmas cards with a lino print of a typographic snowman. Then suddenly we were at the beginning of November and it was just that – nothing more than an idea! After many emails to the lovely Fiona Robertson from Fiona Robertson Graphics who gave me loads of advice on what I would need and how to go about it, I… Read more »

How I miss New Zealand…

In case you were wondering – we did actually come back from New Zealand! Time for a very overdue update… It was awesome. We had the most incredible 7 weeks – quite simply the best thing we’ve ever done. We packed in loads, covering over 3,400 miles across New Zealand. We didn’t quite make all the points I’d marked on the map – but we weren’t far off! Starting in San Francisco we had four… Read more »

Leaving on a jet plane…

This time next week my husband and I will be excitedly waiting at Heathrow airport for the start of our big adventure! We’re taking our longest ever holiday to go around the world – excited doesn’t really cover it! We’re going to San Francisco first, then onto New Zealand, where we’ve hired a camper van for 5 weeks. And finally onto Tokyo on our way home. We’ve been planning it for the last 7 months and whilst we’re… Read more »

The Diary of a Marcothon

It was back in November when a friend in Vancouver (who I’ve yet to meet!) suggested I do the Marcothon with her. A personal challenge being taken on by people all over the world, to run every day throughout December, for a minimum of 25 minutes or 5k, whatever the weather and on Christmas Day. I run already, but only once or twice a week. Could I really do it? Every day? For a whole… Read more »


When I started clockstudio back in 1999 it was out of a passion for design and wanting to help people communicate what they do better. Sixteen years later, and my passion is still the same but has grown and now encompasses branding, marketing and looking at the overall visual aspect of a business. What I never anticipated from starting my own business is the long standing relationships I would build, where clients become friends, the day-to-day… Read more »

Cupcakes and Trainers

I turned 40 recently.

Which I actually felt quite cool about (and not as freaked out as some might think)! Anyway, I’m not telling you this so I can moan and groan about all the aches and pains that I now seem to have since hitting the big 4-0, but to observe the fact that I now seem to be old enough to notice trends coming around for a second (or sometimes third) time. Who’d… Read more »