Did you send Christmas cards?

I know, it’s the 7th January, and I’m still going on about Christmas…
But whilst slowly melting in 34 degree heat in Goa over Christmas and New Year, and lazing on my sun bed, I found myself thinking about Christmas cards…

Did you send any? To friends and family maybe? But did you send any business Christmas cards?


If not, why not?

It’s a perfect excuse to get in touch with clients, to say hello, write a short personal note, and just remind them that you’re still there. In such an electronic age, to get something personal through the post, addressed to you, makes a pleasant change. I sent over 40 cards to clients and suppliers, some I deal with regularly and some I haven’t heard from in over a year – in response I received emails, tweets and Facebook posts to my hand printed Snowman cards. Obviously you don’t have to go to the very time consuming effort of making your own cards, or having them designed specifically for your business; a nice shop bought card can be just as good (probably not the box of 40 cards for 99p though!).

So, if you missed the opportunity to send your clients a Christmas card, why not buck the trend and send them a ‘Happy New Year’ card instead?

Or, with 352 days until Christmas, you could be super organised and start planning your Christmas cards for 2016!

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