The ultimate in branding…

Companies could learn a thing or two from weddings.

Recently I’ve been to two weddings. Both completely different in style and at opposite ends of the country. One had been meticulously planned for the last 18 months, the other, not last minute, but certainly a more relaxed affair. But what they both had in common was the consistency of everything. From the first invitation, to the brides dress, the grooms outfit, the table decorations, the flowers, the cake, the table plan, the menus… everything matched. Products researched and selected to match the chosen theme of the big day.

I love helping businesses with their corporate branding, making sure everything across the company matches and that messages are consistent – from their brochures to adverts and email signatures. I didn’t ever expect to compare a wedding to a business, but the attention to every single detail, no matter how small, was enlightening. If the two weddings I attended were companies, their branding was exceptional and my job would be complete. In fact, I’d probably be out of a job!

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