The ultimate in branding…

Companies could learn a thing or two from weddings. Recently I’ve been to two weddings. Both completely different in style and at opposite ends of the country. One had been meticulously planned for the last 18 months, the other, not last minute, but certainly a more relaxed affair. But what they both had in common was the consistency of everything. From the first invitation, to the brides dress, the grooms outfit, the table decorations, the… Read more »

Did you send Christmas cards?

I know, it’s the 7th January, and I’m still going on about Christmas… But whilst slowly melting in 34 degree heat in Goa over Christmas and New Year, and lazing on my sun bed, I found myself thinking about Christmas cards… Did you send any? To friends and family maybe? But did you send any business Christmas cards? If not, why not? It’s a perfect excuse to get in touch with clients, to say hello,… Read more »

Cupcakes and Trainers

I turned 40 recently.

Which I actually felt quite cool about (and not as freaked out as some might think)! Anyway, I’m not telling you this so I can moan and groan about all the aches and pains that I now seem to have since hitting the big 4-0, but to observe the fact that I now seem to be old enough to notice trends coming around for a second (or sometimes third) time. Who’d… Read more »