The Diary of a Marcothon

It was back in November when a friend in Vancouver (who I’ve yet to meet!) suggested I do the Marcothon with her. A personal challenge being taken on by people all over the world, to run every day throughout December, for a minimum of 25 minutes or 5k, whatever the weather and on Christmas Day.

I run already, but only once or twice a week. Could I really do it? Every day? For a whole month?

I signed up.

The 1st December was met with excitement and intrepidation. Never had 31st December seemed so far away.

The days passed and I got into a routine – get up, put on my running gear, head into the office for an hour or so to check emails, plan the day ahead and attend to anything urgent, then head out about 10.30am. I was lucky with the weather – December was kind to us in NE Scotland, I only got wet once and that was with snow!

From horizontal snow to beautiful sunny days

From horizontal snow to beautiful sunny days

So what did I learn from running every day for 31 days?

• I’m far more determined than I ever imagined! There was no way I was going to give up – even a small white lie to my osteopath in case he told me to stop!

• The mental benefits of running every day, when work was really busy, truly blew me away. Ordinarily I would of stayed welded to my desk, whilst declaring I didn’t have time to run. But the benefits of getting out the office to clear my head and plan the rest of my day was invaluable. And totally unexpected. Many decisions were made during those 31 days!

• Whilst this was a personal challenge I was part of a What’s App group of six other ladies from across the globe – I only knew one of them. Their camaraderie, banter and enthusiasm got me through the 31 days. Without them I couldn’t of done it. To have someone to be accountable to,  that you didn’t want to let down, spurred me on, on the toughest days. They are truly remarkable women – and just becuase I haven’t met them, doesn’t mean I don’t class them as my friends and we’re all still in touch today – sharing our daily lives and achievements.

Every day was different, even though most days I ran the same route. Running on Christmas Day was simply stunning. The weather was beautiful, a real crisp, clear day, the sun was shining and the sky blue. Cullen beach looked amazing and it was the day I saw the most people, all happy and cheery wanting to wish everyone a Happy Christmas. I even wore my Santa hat for the occasion!

A simply stunning day!

A simply stunning day!

And the feeling of running on 31st December? Blimming amazing! My body had got me there with no injuries – 31 days, a total of 74 miles. What an achievement.

Would I do it again?

You bet I would.

Day 31 of Marcothon - 74 miles done!

Day 31 of Marcothon – 74 miles done!


  1. Julie Mitchell-Mehta Reply

    wow! Well done. It was a tough challenge, but I bet you feel brilliant.

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