Why are we surprised by good service?

On the way to Inverness airport at 4am a few weeks ago, a deer decided to jump onto my bonnet whilst I was traveling at 60mph. My little Renault Clio did what it was supposed to do and crumpled – we hardly felt the impact. I’m afraid the deer didn’t fair quite so well…

Once safely parked at Inverness airport and we had examined the damage (complete with fur), we realised we’d have to claim on our car insurance… oh blimey – the palaver, the hassle, having to take the car to a garage miles away, getting an old rust bucket as a courtesy car… I couldn’t of been more wrong.

The phone call to Zurich Insurance was quick and easy, they couldn’t of been more helpful. They arranged to have the car collected from home once we were back from holiday and a courtesy car delivered at the same time. Not quite an old rust bucket, but a brand new Fiat 500 with 40 miles on the clock. The repair company, L&I Eaton were brilliant – calling every few days with an update and a progress report of when I would get my car back.

My broken Clio

My broken Clio

My very little courtesy car

My very little courtesy car

So, why are we surprised when we get good service? Isn’t this how it should be? The norm?

Unfortunately years of bad service, late deliveries, missed appointments and receiving damaged goods have conditioned us all into thinking every service is going to be a poor one. Zurich Insurance and L&I Eaton have restored my faith in what a good service should be.

Which led me to think about my own business and the service I offer to clients. I hope I make each project as easy and stress free as possible for all my clients. What about you? Are you offering your clients a good service – or could you be doing things be a bit better?

  1. Christine Rayner Reply

    Excellent blog Clare – I completely agree. We should remember that in the normal scheme of things we would tell around 5-10 people about good service but we would tell 10-20 about poor/bad service. Always worth remembering in the light of social media and the ability to multiply those numbers by ‘000s!

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