Clockstudio is run by me, Clare Lock.

I’m a designer with over twenty years’ experience, running my own studio and working with businesses from the very small up to the very big. I love designing for businesses at both ends of the scale and everything in between.

Clare Lock - Graphic Designer in Portknockie

In fact, clockstudio is not just run by me – it is me.

I’m the person you meet to chat about your business. I do everything for you from the initial scribbles to preparing and providing your finished artwork.

  • I’ll create a striking logo design for you – need stationery too?
    I can do that.
  • What about a brochure, leaflet or poster to promote your business, with stunning photos and engaging words?
    I can do that.
  • Or a pull-up banner for an exhibition to catch peoples attention?
    I can do that.
  • And what about images for your website and social media platforms to match your branding?
    Yep, I can do that too.
Clockstudio - About Clare Lock

I work alongside a network of professionals including printers, copywriters, illustrators and photographers ensuring you receive an expert service from start to finish.