Your Design

Your brand is who you are. It matters because it tells everything about your business.

Whether you’re fun or serious. What sort of company you are, your values, your attitude. How much you’re likely to charge, how you’re going to treat your customers.



We chat about what you do, who you are, where you want to go. What influence does your brand need to have? What does it need to tell people about you and your business? Are you an everyday item, a luxury brand, a bespoke service?

What will best promote your business? We’ll discuss ideas and come up with the best options for you and your budget.


We’ll prepare a brief together (with costs) so you know exactly what to expect and I know exactly what you want.


Get Creative

I’ll prepare initial designs for you to consider. For me, this starts the old-fashioned way – pen and paper – and then progresses onto my much loved Apple Mac to create visuals for you to see and critique.

Good design and branding is about learning when to break boundaries – but knowing where to follow rules. This is exactly why I take the time and care to get to know you and your business.