Moray Chamber of Commerce

I had been a member of the Moray Chamber of Commerce a few months when Sarah Medcraf the CEO asked me to tender for their rebrand.

They had already worked with brand consultant Ailsa Stinson from B is for Brand to create a new brand stategy and had decided they needed a more modern look to reflect their new brand values, and help attract new members.

The old design has been in use for 17 years and no longer represented what the Chamber wanted to achieve.

My brief was to come up with three different logo designs that would work for the long term of the Chamber and across a variety of applications. A last minute addition to the brief was that maybe one design should reflect the old pagoda logo.

I came up with three very different designs, all of which would of been suitable designs; an updated pagoda, a design based on Ben Rinnes (the highest peak in Moray), and a third design based around communication. On presentation to the board it was clear there was an outright favourite – the updated pagoda. Which came as a shock to everyone as no-one had thought this would be a serious contender!

With a few tweaks to the colour palette the design was soon finalised, and officially launched at the annual Chamber awards dinner.

It’s gone on to be implemented onto their printed literature and promotional material. It’s a design I’m really proud of and I look forward to it being used hopefully for the next 17 years!